Our Firm

Dedication to Service

Winter & Ross is an AV rated family law firm, co-founded by its principal Mindy Lauren Ross over 30 years ago. All aspects of family law cases are handled by the firm: divorce, legal separation, non-marital break-ups, and paternity. Whether the principal dispute relates to property, custody or support, all such issues are handled in-house. Matters involving complex factual scenarios often come our way, likely given our ability to distill the complex into the simple. We don’t take kindly to unnecessary drama. True skills trump the rattling of sabers every time.

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Skillful Representation

We navigate our clients through the often rocky waters of divorce with a confident and compassionate hand. The firm is comprised of seasoned attorneys. Our team is deployed to each case based on the issues presented, cost considerations and efficiency. All clients are assured of prompt and clear responses to their questions. Our attentive support staff is at all times aware of important dates and deadlines and will work with you to assure preparedness and timely responses. Above all else, we recognize that we are in service to our clients. Thus we endeavor to impart our time and skills to minimize client stress and render effective and well-reasoned representation. We hear from clients time and again that they felt a deep sense of trust with us and knew by our words and deeds that we had their best interests at heart.

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Our broad spectrum of experience regarding diverse property interests translates into efficient and focused representation. This deep knowledge base has been cultivated over three decades and provides numerous benefits to clients, including fluency in issue identification and the crafting of cutting edge strategies to promote the client’s position.

Our Mantra

Our mantra is to chart the course necessary to build our information base, whatever the issue. Once complete, we endeavor to settle as many, if not all of the outstanding issues through negotiations. Such settlement efforts may be limited if the matters are simple and straightforward or span multiple rounds if the issues are more complex. Whatever the case, it is our firm’s policy that settlement negotiations are exhausted before any matter is set for trial. Either way, consider yourself covered.

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